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Welcome to my blog fellow mom. We already have a lot in common I see.  For your convenience, I have compiled a list of the most useful/frequented links on my site.


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Are you pregnant and looking for a jumpstart? Need parenting tips or ideas for making everyday tasks easier? You would do well to start with these articles:

Baby Printable Essentials Checklist
10 Simple Ways To Save For A Baby
Pregnancy Apps For Dads
Early Pregnancy Symptoms
6 Early Pregnancy Symptoms You Did Not Know

Need parenting tips or ideas? I got you covered. There are many articles that cover several topics. Start with any of these.

Ideas For Toddler Lunches
Parenting Styles In The Modern Era
Are Energy Drinks Really Bad?
Great Nanny Interview Questions
Feng Shui For Teenagers


Are you trying to find tonight’s dinner menu? Check out my collection of recipes from all around the world.









Do you live in Houston?

As a lifelong Houstonian, I know the best spots, easiest routes, favorite shopping locations, and upcoming events. I continue to add more useful links to this post. Please check back soon.

Explore my guide to living in Houston. See my  Top Ten Best Restaurants in Houston

Do you know the rate of Mesothelioma patients in Houston continues to rise? Read more about what you can do to protect yourself.

Mesothelioma The  Silent Killer: What You Need To Know