Politics and Finance -Buy An Oscar Hollywood Style

Politics and finance in Hollywood – As we all know, the long-awaited 2016 Oscars is around the corner. This Sunday, Hollywood’s most talented and famous stars will be in attendance. Shy of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. Political giving will be at the forefront of this prestigious event, with the old dogs (Older Hollywood male nominees) stealing the show. How does politics play into the Oscars? Why are women not political? Well, let’s take a look, my friends. Thanks to Open Secret, I have a lot of tea to spill. Let’s get to it!

Americans in Politics and Finance

Three Americans have their eyes on the Best Actor category. They are Leonardo DiCaprio (The Reverant), Bryan Cranston (Trumbo) and Matt Damon (The Martian). All of these actors have contributed to political candidates or committees on the federal level since 2008. So far DiCaprio has contributed $145,000 while Damon contributed $128,000. Cranston’s political contributions are unknown but likely lower. Just remember, if DiCaprio wins, we may have something here. Think Hollywood, think politics and finance.

Supporting Actor Nominees

Mark Ruffalo (Spotlight) – Donor since 2008

Sylvester Stallone (Creed) – Not a donor since 2008

Unlike their male counterpart, all actresses that have been nominated for a leading or supporting role are not contributors to a political party or committee since 2008. As mentioned earlier, age is also a major player in the Oscar nomination game.  I guess you need to be a certain sex and age to belong to the ‘politics and finance’ click.The average actress nominee is 20 years younger than the average male nominee in leading roles.  Are you seeing the correlation between politics and finance yet?

According to IMDB statistics, since 2008, 16 of the male actor nominees (outside of those already mentioned) have given a total of 381,750. Their female counterparts have donated a lower sum of $20,100. It must be noted that of all these contributors, Tom Hanks appears to be the biggest giver at $339,550.  Of the actresses, Charlize Theron has contributed the most at $17,700.

Behind the scenes of  Hollywood Politics and Finance

Let’s not forget the ‘behind the scenes crew’ such as the producers, directors, and writers. This group has contributed a huge sum of $6.9 million in combined total since 2008.  Of this amount, Steve Spielberg has contributed $3 million to committees and candidates. Spielberg’s partner, Jeffrey Katzenberg has also given $1.75 million since 2008.

While most of these contributions are towards the Democratic Party, Paramount pictures seem to be the most conservative contributor with ‘The Big Short’ Film. A sum of $81,381 has been donated to political efforts. Current presidential contender Sen Marco Rubio has received $2,700 for his campaign. Former Gov. Jeb Bush also received the same amount during his campaign for the presidency.

In truth, we do not know how all of this statistics tie together, what we do know is the Hollywood is very political and especially filled with testosterone.  What are your thoughts?  Keep an eye out for the politics & finance section of this site. I will be posting a lot more. Thanks for reading.