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Ideas For Toddler Lunches 

Trying to find ideas for toddler lunches? You are not alone. It is tasking to come up with something that a toddler would actually eat. It is much more difficult to pack a quick lunch for school. For an adult, a lunch break can last as long as an hour, but kids typically have about 20 minutes to eat their lunch.

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Adult Packed Lunch Ideas 

These days I don’t have time to scout around on google for lunch ideas, but thanks to my list of go to lunch ideas, I can have a packed lunch ready in no time.  What is that they say again? Oh yeah, time is money.  Besides, why spend hours trying to plan a lunch menu that takes less than 45 minutes to consume. To help you plan out  your week,  here are some tips.

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Feng Shui For Your Teenager 

Feng Shui  teaches life lesson that your teenager can apply while at school. Let’s be honest, no teenager wants you in their room , moving things and disturbing  their peace.  Personally, I’d rather be negotiating with the devil than arguing with a teenager. You’ll win very  little discussions and lose many arguments.