[eltd_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”” background_color=””]I[/eltd_dropcaps]t’s[eltd_highlight background_color=”” color=”pink”]Milan Men’s Fashion Week[/eltd_highlight], and I am beyond excited to share this year’s new fashions with you. Without further Ado, let me dive into my favorite looks for the week . . . so far. [eltd_highlight background_color=”” color=”pink”]Bally’s[/eltd_highlight] shoe collection was a fashion delight. Are you thinking, Bally? Bally who? Okay, so I want to tell you all about Bally’s history, but I don’t have enough blog space. Ha, just kidding. Bally is a high-end clothing line for men & women, known for leather shoes, coats & accessories, plus apparel. Over the years, the brand’s popularity has declined until recently – bring in [eltd_highlight background_color=”” color=”Pink”]Pablo Coppola[/eltd_highlight] – and we have a fashion brand to be reckoned with.  Check out his profile on Instagram. Moving on . . .

[eltd_blockquote text=” Pablo Coppola had London’s Sixties social mash-up on his mind, a time when high and low culture collided, and when figures ranging from David Hockney and David Bailey to Mick Jagger and Princess Margaret would rub velvet elbows.” show_icon=”no”]

[eltd_highlight background_color=”” color=”pink”]Fendi[/eltd_highlight] took the stage with really bold choices. Their collection included hairy knitted suits, belted robe coats, patterned loose silk trousers and multiple geometric shaped fuzzy-textured shoes. Eccentricity and luxury overload overwhelmed this collection. I don’t know what your pocket book is looking like but you will need a full-time high-powered gig to bear the cost of these apparels — you might also want to shed a few pounds to accommodate their bulky clothing.

Other designers such as [eltd_highlight background_color=”” color=”pink”]Georgio Armani[/eltd_highlight], [eltd_highlight background_color=”” color=”pink”]DSquared2[/eltd_highlight], [eltd_highlight background_color=”” color=”pink”]Brioni[/eltd_highlight], [eltd_highlight background_color=”” color=”pink”]Marcelo[/eltd_highlight], [eltd_highlight background_color=”” color=”pink”]Versace[/eltd_highlight], [eltd_highlight background_color=”” color=”pink”]Gucci[/eltd_highlight] and [eltd_highlight background_color=”” color=”pink”]Prada[/eltd_highlight] shined as well.

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