Hello, LifestyleInkers, do you want to learn how to live on a budget and spend less or save up for college, retirement or a vacation? I have some amazing tips to help you reach that goal. There are several ways to go about this, but I will let you into my secret avenues for staying afloat and keeping money in the bank even during “slow” months. I call these tips my survival kit and I hope by sharing them, I will be helping somebody live better for less.

Maintaining an incredible lifestyle the budget-friendly way is not easy, but there are several ways to make this a reality. It involves changing how you think and spend. For me, it took years of changing a little at a time. Somehow, it worked and I was able to come up with these 5 best ways to live on a budget.

1. You have more earning power than you think

First, you have a special skill that you would probably consider as a hobby. Well, I have news for you, you need to tap into your potential. Do people commend you for your talent with makeup and hair? Are you constantly drawing beautiful pictures that no one gets to see? What about that award you won for writing that essay in college? It made it into a national magazine after all.

I sense that you might love kids, what do you think about babysitting once or twice a week? So babies are not high at the top of your list, consider pet sitting. Are you a WordPress pro? Check out websites like Freelancer or Fiverr for paid gigs within the comfort of your home.

What about that subject everyone keeps saying you are good at? Become a part-time math tutor or whatever subject you have good knowledge of. The point is this, you have money floating all around you, it is time for you to reach out and grab as much as you want. Make this your first step to learning how to live on a budget.

how to live on a budget

2. Sell Stuff

You already know how to live on a budget, you just have quite thought much about it. Remember that dress that you bought with the intention of losing 10 pounds? Yeah, that one. It is time to let it go. Those 10 pounds are probably not going anywhere after all these months . . . or years.

These days, you don’t have to have a garage sale, No! Make use of sites like eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist. If you have some designer duds, head on to my new discovery TheRealReal, but keep in mind that this is a consignment platform. If you want to sell the items by yourself, use a site like Poshmark. It is a basically modeled after eBay.

If you want to sell your old phone for no fees, check out Swappa. You can sell that car or golf cart you have been talking about fixing on CarDaddy. Get rid of your old books on Valore and please work on selling those grandma shoes . . . anywhere. Just sell them.


3. Learn how to shop

By the way, I was never the best at verifying my purchases at checkout, but over the years, I have saved thousands of dollars by being extremely cautious about my spending. I have some questions for you. When was the last time you stared at the register screen while your items were being scanned at the grocery store?

What were you doing? Verifying the price on each product or just looking at numbers? If you are like me, you probably were adding up the numbers in your head to see if you could figure out the final receipt price. Yup! Wrong move.

Next time you go shopping, pay special attention to the prices, you will be surprised what you find. Some items that are listed as “on sale” are sometimes checked out at full price. It happened to me . . . well, too many times already and I caught many of the errors. Either I have bad luck or a good eye for shopping. You pick one. Still, I was able to use my lessons as a road-map on how to live on a budget.

Also, if you really want to learn how to live on a budget, then you must first admit that you have fallen prey to many marketing schemes than you can count. Do you know those coupons and marketing materials that you receive for say ‘a 50% discount’ are really the oldest crowding pulling tricks in a retailer’s bag of tricks? Once, I was mailed a catalog, and as I scanned through it, I found this amazing dress that I just had to have, but it would cost several hundred dollars even after the 25% off offer.

Nonetheless, I decided to go to the retailer’s website to find the designer’s name. Of course, after doing my research, I googled the designer’s name with the addition of the dress description. What did I find? Tons of pricing structures from $59.99 to $300.

Naturally, I clicked on the lowest price and found that they only had 1 item left and it was my size. Oh, happy day! I still own this dress, and I have received a lot of compliments. THE INTERNET IS YOUR BEST FRIEND, look for coupon codes before shopping.

4. Your kitchen is your haven

If you absolutely have to have that morning coffee, make it at home. Do you like to go out to dinner with friends? Sure, do that. . . But remember to substitute by taking lunch to work. I have had several people say to me “I can’t live without my coffee . . . or my beer . . . or champagne”.

By all means, continue to enjoy the things that you like, but instead of drinking 2 mugs or flutes of whatever you desire, why don’t you have one during dinner with friends and drink as much as you like in the comfort of your home, for less. Learn how to cook. Believe me, there are many recipes like my easy coconut rice. Skip the lunch line and pack your lunch with this adult packed lunch ideas.

5. Get rid of unnecessary bills

Finally, this is your last step to learning how to live on a budget. I am guilty of this, I admit. That expensive cable package I just had to have, but don’t use; that bill that you could have set up on auto pay but instead paid a late fee; that extra item that you did not need to get and maybe can’t afford and the gym membership that you use once a year. Get rid of them! You will thank me.

I hope I have been able to help you put things into perspective. Also, I know these tips will help you become a more comfortable YOU because maintaining an incredible lifestyle shouldn’t be expensive. Remember to spend cash whenever possible and stick to a budget. I had fun sharing this information with you, I hope you will pass it down to someone else who might need it.