Great Questions to Ask in A Nanny Interview

My Nanny Interview Journey

In my search for a nanny for the kiddos, I thought I should document my journey and in the process share some helpful tips that I have learned along the way. The truth is special attention should be given to a child’s care, and vetting every candidate for employment is of utmost importance. Maybe I watch too many Investigation discovery shows but I can be very paranoid. Similarly, if you have anxiety about letting a stranger into your home, please have no fear ( okay fear a little, relax a lot). Follow these simple steps.

First, set up a rundown of things to ask in your nanny interview.  Of course, Obligations and duties vary in nanny positions so ensure you comprehend what is normal in this specific babysitter arrangement.

No doubt, a decent nanny will invest energy in getting some information about the extent of the employment, the family, the kids etc. Making the right child care inquiries demonstrates steadfastness, organization and a promise to being a nanny.  Of course, you likewise need to see whether the nanny employment is a decent potential match for the nanny too.

Notwithstanding asking the right questions, the nanny interview is a chance for you to answer any questions the nanny might have. Also, you should prepare to answer the potential nanny’s questions as well. Remember, this is an interview for you too. In addition, read my post about parenting styles to help you prepare. 

Use questions asked during the nanny interview to make a list of important follow-up questions or notes. Presumably, you should have a bunch of important questions to ask.

Furthermore, the details about your requirements should be specific. Still, If any question or answer is unclear to you, do not be afraid to ask for clarification.

For all these reasons, I have compiled some important questions you need to ask your nanny before considering employment. But remember this is not a fool-proof list, and you should modify based on your requirements.

Nanny Interview Questions

First, could you explain what you expect from this nanny position?

What are the normal childcare obligations? 

Next, what are the nanny’s hours? Will you include evenings, occasions and weekends?

Are there any exercises you particularly don’t need the babysitter to do with the kids?

How would you train your youngsters? Also, what part do you anticipate that the nanny will play in control?

How included do you need the nanny to be in corresponding with teachers?

Do the kids have a particular well-being or medicinal needs? What might the nanny’s obligations be in such manner?

What kind of driving will the nanny be relied upon to do? Will she be relied upon to utilize her own vehicles?

Is there any religious contemplation the nanny should know about?

What sort of things do you and your kids do together?

What exercises will the nanny be relied upon to do with the kids?

Will nanny handle the kids’ daily schedule?

What might the nanny be relied upon to do amid the kids’ rest time?

Would you like the nanny to go to birthday parties, out to dinner with the family and take an interest in other family occasions?

What kind of convenience is accommodated a live-in nanny employment?

Who makes breakfast, lunch or dinner? See my Simple ideas for making lunchtime easy. 

Finally, what are the normal housekeeping obligations?


Nonetheless, in your meeting, it is adequate to approach the nanny for references and before you acknowledge a nanny employment you ought to check the nanny’s references.

Approach graciously for the names and numbers of past employers, references and so on and confirm that references have been notified of possible contact. It is imperative to know as much as possible about the individual if you will be living and working intimately with them.

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