Feng Shui For Your Teenager

Do you feel like a demon has taken control of your lovely child? Then you must be dealing with a high schooler, a teenager to be specific!

Things have changed since your high school days my friend.  In fact, teenagers face much more pressure and the influence to be a part of the crowd is much more than what you remember.  Of course, as a parent, you want to help your teenager, but how?

I recently came across a Feng Shui Book, 365 Days of Decluttering and Organizing Your Home (DIY Hacks Book 1). Make sure you get a copy if you can afford it.  Just kidding, it’s available free on kindle unlimited. It may be life-changing.  Too lazy?  I got you!

In my opinion, Feng Shui teaches life lesson that your teenager can apply while at school. Let’s be honest, no teenager wants you in their room, moving things and disturbing their peace.  Personally, I’d rather be negotiating with the devil than arguing with a teenager. You’ll win very little discussions and lose many arguments.

Simple Facts:

All things considered, you are not a priority (Sorry). At this stage, Ashley or Kim or John come before you.

Unfortunately, you have to figure out how to be the driver without access to the pedal. Wipe the worry off your face, you have a lot of work to do and I ‘ll help you get it done with Feng Shui.

Let’s get started!

First, despite what I just said, try changes in their room. Just remember the Rule of Yin and Yang: You can’t tell them what to do (Yang), but you certainly can make suggestions (Yin). Make it a habit to talk to your teenager about important spots in their room that will help to open the ch’i (or energy) flow.

Similarly, make sure they clear under the bed.

By the same token, keep doorway clear, making sure there is nothing blocking entry.

Good lighting is important in their work area, provide one.

You are preaching to the choir, I have done all that. Anything else I can try?

Do not despair.  If your teenager won’t let you in, there are many cards in your deck. Surely, one must be the King, maybe a Queen?  You have an ally in Feng Shui, Yes! Feng Shui is the Secret Weapon.  This time around, let’s work on behalf of our little demon… sorry child. Combine your love and the power of Feng Shui in the Knowledge area of your house. You would be helping their ch’i grow even without their knowledge.

Finding the Knowledge gua (or area) of your home can be tricky but we have the use of a Feng Shui energy map or Bagua. Looking in from the doorway, the corner to the far left is your Knowledge area. If your door is situated to the far left side of your house, sugar you are already in your Knowledge area.

I found it, now what?

Why, inspect it, of course.

Your mission is to search for clutter in this area. Look around. What’s in this space of the house? Is it a clutter zone? Removing the clutter in this area will open the flow of knowledge energy for your house. A big bonus is that it will definitely benefit your kids.

Do you like the color blue? No? Well, you better start liking it because you will need it to Feng Shui your space.  A strong addition of the color blue to this area will bring positive energy.

Light is also important in this area. Bringing in more light into this area is not a bad idea especially if you are able to add a little Tochere (floor lamps).  Lighting is a great way to bring lifting “up-light” energy into your space.

Next: You are the architect of your own home.

Want your child to read books?  Start by looking around. How many books do you own? Where are they displayed? Do you read them?  Books have powerful energy. Keeping a small stack of books on a table in your Knowledge area or keeping a small shelf or library of your favorite books in this area will send a message to your teenager that learning is important. Knowledge is a cornerstone of Feng Shui. Still, be sure everything is clutter free.

In conclusion, be patient. A change will come with good practice. Finally: Be patient, change is on the way. Since I started incorporating Feng  Shui power into my life, I have noticed  3 types of improvements.

Sudden (immediate) shifts.

Little changes over a short period of time ( few days, 1 week, a month etc)

Small changes so slow and subtle that it only shows in retrospect.

Ancient Chinese tradition teaches us that there are five factors that impact our lives. They are Fate, Luck, Feng Shui, Charity and Education (the most powerful). Without trying to change tradition, I must add a sixth factor, LOVE. A Lot of it.

Finally, take comfort in the fact that those horns will fall off eventually. Shower your teenager with love and support and one day the evil demon will take its human form once again. Teach them Feng Shui – Education is Power.

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