I was reading an online article about a teenager who died due to his use of energy drinks as an upper to study for his exams. Well, his heart could not take it, and he ended up dead. I have had my own experiences with this called “energy drink”. I thought I had to do a post about the dangers of energy drinks.

Crash & Burn: Extreme Fatigue

Avoid energy drinks at all cost. They rev you up with super measurements of caffeine, however, it will end up making you tired later.

Some energy drinks have more than eight times the caffeine in a can of soda! All that caffeine can make it difficult to sleep. Lack of sleep will leave you tired no matter how much caffeine you consume. While at work, do a few laps to keep your energy up, try squats if unable to walk around. Remember to sleep for at least 8 hours per night to maximize your energy level the next day. Save the TV shows for the weekend. Thanks to the great technology called DVR, this should not be a problem.

Health Problems: Fast Heart Beat

Regardless of the fact that you drink an energy drink for breakfast – far from sleep time, it is still bad for you.

All the caffeine in energy beverages can cause heart problems. It can make your heart race. A few individuals have had heart issues like heart attacks and might have passed on from overdosing on energy drinks. According to Mayo Clinic, “If you have an underlying condition such as heart disease or high blood pressure, ask your doctor if energy drinks may cause complications.”


Tension Boosting: Can Change Your State Of Mind

Have you ever noticed something is not quite right after you drink an energy drink? Well, a little story for you. Several years ago, my husband and I had the opportunity to go out without the kids after many months of not having any alone time. I swore I would stay up all night. We would dance under the dim lights of shining stars, we would watch one movie after the next, and finally, we would end our day doing some adult type stuff, hmmm hmmm.

Well, after an amazing dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, we decided the kids would be asleep by this time and it was okay to go home. We stopped by a convenience store and I purchased a rather popular brand of energy drink. Oh! I was not going to be tired tonight.

Needless to say, 10 minutes later, I was asleep in the passenger seat and my wonderful husband ended up carrying me into the house. The next morning, I woke up not understanding anything that had happened. Get your mind out of the gutter folks! I was not drugged.

Okay maybe I was, but it was the kind gentleman at the corner store who drugged me, it was  5-hour energy. I have heard many people complain of memory loss, inability to think and anxiousness.

Perspiration Inducing: (Awkward!)

Ever noticed how much you sweat when you have an energy drink?

Well, it’s simple. When you stress, you sweat. You are in the fully air-conditioned room but you are still sweating up a river. Yup! you need to come to your senses and understand that all seemingly good things have a drawback.

However, you want to make sure that you give up your energy drink consumption slowly. Start with reducing your consumption to cutting down on the number of days you consume them. Before you know it, you will be FREE!

Pound Adding: Their Empty Calories Add Up

It is no mystery that energy drinks have no nutritional value. Most energy drinks are loaded with unhealthy amounts of sugar ( up to 12 teaspoons of sugar) that contribute to those extra pounds you are carrying around. Water is the best alternative to energy drinks. It will hydrate your body and keep you feeling energized.

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