Over the years, I have saved a lot of time by following some simple cooking tips and tricks that will work for anyone, even the non-chef.  I am happy to share these tips for two important reasons. The first of which is that I want to help people become better cooks without sacrificing their time. Secondly, if I had a penny for everytime someone said to me, ‘What did I do wrong?’ I’d be rich. There are things that you can do to make sure your food does not stick to the pan, keep your frosting moist or keep your cheese from molding.

Make sure you print a copy of this ’20 cooking tips for the non-chef’ and keep it somewhere visible in your kitchen. You may also want to check out my how to live on a budget post for more hints and tips.

Cooking Hints & Tips

  • Keep a recipe card upright by placing it in the tines of a fork and putting the fork handle in a glass.
  • To keep a recipe book or card clean, place it under an upside-down glass pie plate. The curved bottom also magnifies the print
  • Use a photo album as a recipe book. Place your favorite recipes from the recipe section in one of the album’s plastic sleeves.
  • Glue an envelope to the inside of the front cover of your favorite cookbook to hold new recipe cards or recipe clippings.
  • Before you start baking or cooking, keep a plastic bag handy to slip over your hand when the phone rings.
  • If butter is used in place of vegetable shortening, the amount of butter should be at least 1/4 more than the amount of shortening.
  • When a chocolate cake requires greasing and flouring the pan, try using cocoa instead of flour. Avoid white flour residue on your cake and add flavor.
  • Before measuring honey or other sticky ingredients, dip your spoon in oil.
  • Put cold oil in a hot pan so the food won’t stick.
  • Add a pinch of baking soda to your frosting and the frosting will stay moist and prevent cracking.
  • When you boil water, place a lid on the pot and the water will come to a boil in a shorter period of time. It will save you at least 10 minutes.
  • To keep dough from sticking to your rolling pin, cover it with a clean stockinette.
  • For shiny pie crusts, brush the crust lightly with milk. This easy cooking tip works like a charm.
  • For sugary pie crusts, moisten the crust lightly with water or beaten egg whites, then sprinkle with sugar.
  • Never salt food to be fried – it will draw moisture to the surface and cause spattering in the hot oil. Salt after frying.
  • Before heating the fat when deep fat frying, add one tablespoon white vinegar to minimize the amount of fat absorbed by the frying food. The food will taste less greasy.
  • Sugar can be powdered by pounding it in a large mortar or rolling it in a paste-board with a rolling pin. It should be made very fine and always sifted. Try my easy coconut rice recipe.
  • No more slow cooker mess. Place a turkey-size browning bag in your cooker and put the ingredients inside the bag. Just take the bag out and throw it away after use.
  • Store a few lumps of sugar with your cheese to prevent it from molding.

Please share these cooking tips with a friend a comment below with your own secret cooking tips.