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How To Make Pizza 

I learned how to make pizza about 6 years ago when my daughter decided she preferred her pizza without cheese. Although we had several pizzerias in the neighborhood, I was able to find one that was up to the task of making a good pizza without cheese.

baked ratatouille recipe
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Ratatouille Penne Bake 

Although, there are different methods for cooking Ratatouille, when I think of Ratatouille, I imagine a coarse tomato-based stew with sautéed garlic, onions, zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers and a mix of green herbs like herbes de Provence.  I like to keep the tradition alive by sticking to the basics of this baked ratatouille recipe.  


Tagliatelle & Milanese Sauce 

Pasta Milanese is a staple in my home. I often make a batch for a week so I can have enough for my little ones. No, I am not Italian.  I’ll do you one better, I am African. So how am I able to cook  Pasta Milanese without any culinary experience?  The simple answer is this, I learned from the best. If you’ve ever had that friend who gets really close to the older members of your family, cooking and cleaning with them, you’ve just described yours truly. I