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newborn baby essentials checklist

Newborn Essentials list 

Below you will find a list of your ‘must-have’ items for the arrival of your bundle of joy.  This post contains more details on each section of the checklist, but if you are in a hurry, please feel free to print this Newborn baby essentials checklist whenever you want.

10 simple ways to save for a baby

Simple Ways To Save 

During my second pregnancy, I decided not to buy anything aside from the essentials. Check out my baby essentials printable checklist for everything you’ll need.  It worked out for me, but keep in mind that I already many items from my first child. Still,  when I think about the thousands of dollars that I spent as an excited mom the first time around, I wish I could do it over. Maybe I’d still buy many of the items I did, but definitely not all of them. For this reason, I decided to brainstorm on how to help other moms shop better and save money. I was able to narrow down my ideas to these 10 Simple ways to save for a baby.  Make sure you add these suggestions to your baby on a budget checklist.

pregnancy apps for dads

Pregnancy Apps For Dads 

When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, I found it really hard to find apps that could help my husband navigate the world of fatherhood seamlessly. I remember searching everywhere for the best apps for dads to no avail. Maybe I did not look hard enough, but we had to make do with the typical ‘mom to be’ apps. The good news is that since then, I have found countless apps and tried pretty much every new app that’s available on both iPhone and Android. I am happy to share the list of my tried and tested favorite apps.

early pregnancy symptoms

Early Pregnancy Symptoms 

Do you feel like your breasts are heavier than usual?  If your breasts feel sore or tender, this may be your first symptoms of pregnancy.  Hormonal changes can occur as early as two weeks after conception. These changes can make your breasts sore, tender, heavy or tingly.

ideas for toddler lunches

Ideas For Toddler Lunches 

Trying to find ideas for toddler lunches? You are not alone. It is tasking to come up with something that a toddler would actually eat. It is much more difficult to pack a quick lunch for school. For an adult, a lunch break can last as long as an hour, but kids typically have about 20 minutes to eat their lunch.