Beyoncé’s Epic Super Bowl Performance Recaptured

If you watched the Super Bowl, you know the half-time show was EPIC. Well, some of us think so, but apparently, Racist SOBs (Yes, I said it!!!!) like Rudy Giuliani had to call for a boycott of a perfectly good message.  simple, let me do a little WOOSAH . . .

I am not a football fan, SORRY. I do, however, like a good concert. I watched Lady Gaga slay the National Anthem while I sang along with the kids. Soon after, I resumed my search for a new pie filling recipe (more on this later) and what seemed like an eternity later, my husband told me the moment I had been waiting for was here.

The half-time show is something I would call a dream come true for me. I watched cold play serenade the audience (and me) with some unusually pleasing music. Needless to say, I wanted to get up and shake what my mama gave me, but I was still too weak to dance. I was recovering from the “weekend syndrome”. Why did Beyoncé show up and show out? She bounced her thick thighs all around that stage like it was nobody’s business. I mean she was doing it. In a ‘formation’ dance that seemed reminiscent of the Black Panther revolution, she led her backup dancers to the center-stage in all black leather and a beret.

It is important to mention that she almost had a ‘Wendy Williams’ moment and may have ended up on the popular “fall of Shame” at the Wendy Williams Show. My girl got it together though. She made it seem so easy. Easy to forget. Now, if we all watched the same show, we know that this performance was one for the books.  A CELEBRITY who stands up for equality, and is not afraid to put it out there.

Beyoncé’s Epic Super Bowl Performance
performs onstage during the Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show at Levi’s Stadium on February 7, 2016, in Santa Clara, California.


A day earlier, Beyoncé had released her self-titled video called ‘formation’. The content of this masterpiece, as I call it, is powerful. It sends a clear message of ‘Yes, black lives matter!’ and we are reminded of the 1960’s when we had to take extreme measures to be heard – hence the Black Panther reference you saw at Beyoncés epic Super Bowl performance.

She features intense imagery of herself on a police vehicle in a flooded New Orleans, Louisiana. A Martin Luther King “stop shooting us” graffiti is displayed very prominently. She did not forget the brutality that children, teenagers, and young men have endured over the last decade.

Children in this video represented the ‘don’t shoot me movement’.  The case of Trayvon Martin really hit home for many. It was a sad, terrifying and anguishing moment in the lives of African-Americans.

Let’s look at some statistics, according to mapping violence, more than 100 unarmed black people were killed by police in 2015.  This is 5 times the rate of unarmed white people in 2015 alone.


Mr. Rudy Giuliani, listen up! Miss Beyoncé Knowles used this platform to educate 77% of NFL watchers, who happen to be white and mostly affluent, about the violence that they have either chosen to ignore or perhaps have no knowledge of. What is wrong with that? I’ll tell you what is wrong with that. In his mind, and in the mind of other white Republicans, Beyoncé is speaking to the same people they have been brainwashing for decades. They don’t need this, he thinks. Let’s boycott her!

I don’t have a large platform to spread my message, but the two people who read this will get to understand what kind of egotistic, selfish racist you are. This is not Hollywood? Are you serious, since when is the entertainment industry divided?

When Beyoncé got invited to grace that stage, it became Hollywood Mr. Giuliani. Catch that. Sir, your assumption that this woman (who understand her roots and has not bought into the ‘I am not black, I am a celebrity’ mentality) has chosen to attack the police force that protects her is barbaric.

Beyoncé’s Epic Super Bowl Performance

Mr. Giuliani, your characterization of  Beyonce’s epic Super Bowl performance which shows a willingness to project how she feels about people like her is beyond crazy. Although your small-mindedness dis-enables your otherwise good judgment, let me help you out.  The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams says it best “She calls out police brutality and the constant fear black people have of the police.” So?

When black people promote black power and culture, White America gets their panties in a wad.  However, when someone like ‘Donald the Trump’ promotes bigotry and xenophobia, they encourage him. Racism lives in America, it exists in our very core. We need more ‘Beyoncés’ to get the message across to the masses.

Finally, Rudy Giuliani, we understand that your political career is finally over and you must at least try to revive it, but please have some dignity. Failed political career not serving you much? Why not advocate for sick people who desperately need your help. There are thousands of people suffering from diseases like mesothelioma seeking desperate help.

I bet you don’t even know the mesothelioma survival rate, but if I asked you about selling annuities, you would know right? It’s all about business. Many folks online are screaming about their insurance rate, but no one in government is talking about this.

Try googling “Houston tx auto insurance” Get a job as a Donald Trump’s adviser. You will fit in very well. After all, he did not seem to get any backlash from you. Let me borrow a quote from a #blacklivesmatter advocate.

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

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