Best Pregnancy Apps For Dads

When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, I remember searching everywhere for the best pregnancy apps for dads to no avail. I found it really hard to find apps that could help my husband navigate the world of fatherhood seamlessly.

Maybe I did not look hard enough, but we had to make do with the typical ‘mom to be’ apps. The good news is that since then, I have found countless apps and tried pretty much every new app that’s available on both iPhone and Android.  I am happy to share the list of my tried and tested favorite apps. Also, make sure you check out my baby essentials list, it’s a great shopping guide and a time saver.

Who’s Your Daddy App

First on my list of the best pregnancy apps for dads is Who’s your daddy app. Becoming a  first-time dad can sometimes be a nerve-racking, exciting and even scary experience. It is absolutely normal, but what do you do during those nine months that can help you overcome your anxiety and prepare for the nine months adventure.

This helpful app gives humorous daily tips and provides information that helps you throughout the pregnancy. You will also get weekly updates that tell you what to expect on a weekly basis.  In addition, you will get a timeline with key dates to add to your calendar and multiple tools such as a hospital bag checklist with important items, a baby name collector, a to-do list and a contraction counter. Unfortunately, it is only available on iPhone. Android users will have to look for other options and I can help with that.

Daddy Up 

Created by dads for dads, this handy pregnancy app does not overwhelm you with unnecessary information. This is indeed one of the best pregnancy apps for dads. Some might call it basic, I call it straight to the point.  It gives you a field guide to pregnancy by providing you with weekly information about your both mother and child.  In fact, you also get a weekly baby size comparison, a customizable daddy checklist, a contraction counter and a shareable baby announcement. The bonus, it is available on Android.

How To Cook Everything

Most Daddy Apps do not address all the other things that come with being a dad-to-be; like say cooking. Following his cookbook,  How to cook everything, Newyork times best-selling author, Mark Bittman created this 2,000 recipes app.

While not specific to men, this how-to app provides 400 how-to illustrations and a host of features such as grocery lists, printable recipes, and temperature and quantity conversion metrics. This app is so easy to use, you don’t even need an internet connection to access the recipes.  It is available on Itunes.

Quick Tips For New Dad

Why are all the good pregnancy apps for dads created for iOS? If you know, please comment below. Okay so this is not necessarily a pregnancy app, but it is very useful for new dads. I am assuming that’s the goal, correct? Once again, not everyone needs a comprehensive app that overwhelms you with a bunch of information. This app offers simple and helpful tips and pics to help guide you through fatherhood.  You can even ask questions and submit your own tips.

For your convenience, I included a due date calculator in my early pregnancy symptoms post. It will help you keep track of time and what you need to be doing for mother and child NOW.


Finally, this completely free app is one of my most used apps. Pregnancy is a journey and many times, we want to share this with our family and close friends – completely off social media. There’s an app for that.  With Tiny beans, you can privately share pregnancy & baby pics with your family.

With this app, family members will receive daily email updates. They don’t even need a smartphone to access these updates. Send as many invites as you like, no storage limits with this app. Also, you can even continue to share milestones and pictures with friends and family after birth. You can keep everyone in the loop without the constant phone calls and visits.

Of course, there are many pregnancy apps for dads and moms that you can explore so I  am also creating the ultimate pregnancy app guide. Make sure you check it out soon!


Update: Since writing this post, I have found many more useful apps, and I thought I’d share. As you know there aren’t many pregnancy apps out there for dads, but I figure it’s 2017, and both parents should have an opportunity to be involved. Anyway, I tried about 50 pregnancy apps simultaneously for two weeks, and these are the two that made the cut for my Best Pregnancy Apps For Dads 2017 post update.

280days: Pregnancy Diary

Although moms get to feel their babies move and build a relationship with them before they are born. Dads do not get this opportunity. Unfortunately, this can leave dads feeling left out. Dads-to-be, have no fear! To your rescue is this app that helps you keep a journal of your baby’s every move.

As the name suggests, you get 280 days of journaling. From growth to health,  you are able to keep track of your baby in ways that you couldn’t before now. Are you having twins? This app is perfect for you. Unlike other apps, you get to keep track of more than one baby in the same journal. The big bonus is that it is available on Android and it’s free.

Baby Pics Free

Make everlasting memories with the baby pics camera app.  You can capture visual memories and milestones with this baby story app. It includes image personalization, professional filters, save & share and typography. They have over  2000 artworks, and categories such as dates, firsts, pregnancy, holiday, announcement, daily, humor and doodles. It’s also available on Android as a free app.

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