[eltd_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”” background_color=””]T[/eltd_dropcaps]he hit single from the British artist’s record-breaking album “25” has turned into the quickest ever video to achieve 1 billion views on YouTube. According to the platform itself, it took only 87 days for “Hello” to hit the record-breaking milestone. Yes, hello Adele. Bye bye Psy.  Anyone remember Psy? Yeah, it took “Gangnam Style” twice as long to reach this milestone. This information made me a little curious, so I decided to do a little more digging. Interestingly, a reliable source at Youtube claims that there are only 17 records that have achieved the “1 billion views status”. Do you want to know who made the cut during the last three years? I have the scoop!

2013 – Katy Perry (Roar) – 487 days

2014 – Taylor Swift (Clear Space) – 238 days

2015 – Adele (Hello) – 87 days

“Psy — “Gangnam Style“ Taylor Swift — “Blank Space“ Wiz Khalifa — “See You Again“ Mark Ronson — “Uptown Funk“ Justin Bieber — “Baby“ Taylor Swift — “Shake It Off“ Katy Perry — “Dark Horse“ Enrique Iglesias — “Bailando“ Katy Perry — “Roar“ Meghan Trainor — “All About That Bass“”]

[eltd_blockquote text=”Psy can take comfort in the fact that “Gangnam Style“ is still the most-viewed ever, piling on more than 2.5 billion hits since its inception in 2012.” show_icon=”yes”]


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