10 Simple Ways To Save For A Baby

Saving for a baby is not easy, especially for first-time moms and dads. I know, I’ve been there. The only difference is I did not have anyone to guide me through what to buy and what to do away with. During my second pregnancy, I decided not to buy anything aside from the essentials. Check out my baby essentials printable checklist for everything you’ll need.

It worked out for me, but keep in mind that I already many items from my first child. Still,  when I think about the thousands of dollars that I spent as an excited mom the first time around, I wish I could do it over. Maybe I’d still buy many of the items I did, but definitely not all of them.

For this reason, I decided to brainstorm on how to help other moms shop better and save money. I was able to narrow down my ideas to these 10 Simple ways to save for a baby.  Make sure you add these suggestions to your baby on a budget checklist. In addition, go to my Ultimate Guide To Parenting page to see more tips and suggestions.

Buy what you need now

Usually, I’d advise new moms to buy as much as they can before the baby arrives. But for moms on a budget, this can be heavy on the pocket. The truth is that you will never be able to tell which products you or your baby will like. Such items include diapers, bottles & nipples and baby wipes. Just get the minimum now, and buy in bulk later.

Buy fairly used items

Babies outgrow their clothes really fast. Expensive onesies or t-shirts are rather unnecessary. Save some money by shopping at consignment stores for your baby clothes, toys, furniture, and gears. If you need maternity clothes,  you will find some as well. Craigslist is also a good option for finding gently-used baby items.

Don’t invest in a bassinet

No doubt, I hesitated to add this suggestion to my  ’10 simple ways to save for a baby’ list, but are bassinets really necessary? No. If you can afford it, it is convenient for the first few weeks then you have to think about getting a crib. For thrifty spenders, it is better to go for a crib from the onset. It will save you money and time.  Think you really need a bassinet? Borrow one from a friend or relative.

Skip the newborn diapers

My babies never used newborn diapers, many babies don’t.  While you are at the hospital, you will get a bunch of the newborn diapers. By the time you get home, the baby may be too big for this size diapers.

Breastfeed as long as possible

Breastfeeding is a great way to cut costs. Let’s face it, formula costs can add up, and not everyone can afford this. The cost of formula adds up. Try breastfeeding exclusively or supplementing.

Collect formula samples

Not breastfeeding or need to supplement?  Most hospitals will give you formula samples while at the hospital and when leaving. If they don’t, ASK. Collect them for use during your first few weeks of baby’s arrival.

DIY Projects

Explore your crafty side by making your own baby items. From DIY cribs to sewing your own baby blankets or clothes. The options are endless. If you get stuck with ideas, check out Pinterest. There are a lot of valuable ideas and DIY explainers available to the public. I am also working on sharing my very own DIY projects. Check out my Ultimate Guide To Parenting Page for my most sought-after projects.

Don’t buy expensive gadgets or toys

It is tempting to spend money on those fancy toys, but your baby will not need them. Buy practical toys that do not break the bank. Your baby does not know whether a toy is costly or not.  In fact, you should skip all those overpriced gadgets such as baby food makers – you can easily use your current food processor for this.  Also, read my free Pregnancy apps for dads post for awesome apps that will make your pregnancy much more enjoyment.

Go without a changing table

Get a changing pad instead. Place it on your dresser and secure with tie backs if possible.

Visit freecycle.org

Many parents are giving away their gently used baby items on this non-profit website. Don’t be shy, they can’t even see you. 🙂

Finally, while these are 10 simple ways to save for a baby, there are so much more ways to save, and I will have a comprehensive list soon. Please do come back.